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Sikaflex 11FC - Multipurpose Adhesive and Joint Sealant Bulk Purchase.

Sikaflex 11FC is a one part, gun grade dual purpose adhesive and sealing compound which remains permanently elastic. It's special formulation is based an a moisture cured polyurethane giving it an accelerated curing time.

As a leading manufacturer of silicone sealants and adhesives, Sika have, over many years become one of the strongest brands on the market with a reputation for high quality, specified products.

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Box quantity is 12 Tubes per box

Applications for Sikaflex 11FC

  • Vertical and Horizontal Joint and Crack Sealing
  • Cover Plates, Gaskets, Penetrations
  • Duct Work and Ventilation
  • Bonding Mouldings, Sills
  • Window and Door Frames, Boards
  • Bonding and Replacing Roof and Ceiling Tiles
  • Caulking Between Panels, Partitions etc...
  • Sealing of Reservoirs
  • Liquid Containers, Tanks, Silos and Aquariums

Advantages and Benefits of Sikaflex 11FC

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Fast cure rate
  • High durability
  • Great weathering and water resistance
  • Seals and Bonds in one
  • Suitable for potable water (Drinking Water)

Application of Sikaflex 11FC

  • All surfaces should be dry, clean and free from contamination
  • Cut nozzle to suit application and apply using a sealant gun
  •  For sealing: Extrude Sikaflex 11FC+ into the gap, ensuring contact with all surfaces.
  • For bonding: Bead as required and press contact surfaces together.
  • 1 310ml tube yields: 4m of a 12 x 12.5mm joint or 15m of a 5mm bead.

For more technical information about Sikaflex 11FC please see technical downloads.

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