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Sikaflex 1A has been discontinued!!!

Sika have replaced Sikaflex 1A with Sikaflex Pro 3. Please see link:

Sikaflex 1A is the industry standard setting sealant for joints in civil engineering, building and construction. Especially for movement joints in concrete.

Sika 1A comes with DWI approval for the use in contact with Potable (Drinking) water structures.

Sika 1A is a one part , moisture curing, low modulus, elastic joint sealant based on poleurethane. Suitable for movement and connection joints for indoor and outdoor applications.

Colour: Grey

Box quantity 20.

Uses for Sikaflex 1A:

- Movement joints in concrete

- Sikaflex 1A is particularly suitable for sealant movement joints

- In water retaining structures. Potable water structures

-(DWI Clause 25 (1)b), Construction / Monement joimnts and retaining walls


Advantages & Benefits of Sikaflex 1A - Joint Sealant

- Movement capability of 25%

- Very good adhesion to many substrates

- Good weather and ageing resistance

- Suitable for contact with potable water

- Proven durability, high tear strength

- Easy to smooth and tool


Sikaflex 1A is not a stock item, and as such has a lead time of approx 2-3 working days.


 Please use Sikaflex Pro 3 in it's place!


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