Soudal Silirub MA. For Natural Stone Joints

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Soudal have now discontinued production of this product and we are selling the last of our stock.  

Silirub MA is a NON Staining Silicone!  It is perfect for sealing all joints in natural stone.

Whether you are working with marble, granite, sandstone or other natural stone products, Silirub MA has been specialy designed to not damage the stonework.  It's really easy to use has a fungicide to prevent mould growth and comes in a number of colours.

A low modulus, neutral silicone. Does not cause staining on porous surfaces such as marble, granite, blue stone and many other commonly used substrates.  Very good adhesion on many materials.  Stays elastic after curing.

Permanent colour and UV resistant, Silirub MA is a great product.


Advantages and benefits of Silirub MA Marble Sealant:

  • Very easy application
  • Permanent Colour and UV resistance
  • Stays permanently elastic after curing
  • Very good adhesion on many materials
  • Contains a fungicide for sanitary applications
  • Does not cause staining on porous surfaces: Marble, Granite etc..

Applications of Silirub MA Natural Stone Silicone Sealant:

  • Sealing of joints
  • Bonding of Marble and other porus natural stones
  • All glazing works
  • Top sealing at glazing on wooden frames
  • Sealing of sanitary rooms where marble has ben used


Customers have used this product range, from those doing a bit of DIY to the main contractor. Joining any natural stone surface in a kitchen, bathroom, in the workplace Silirub MA  is a product that works without putting the expensive natural stone at risk from staining and marking.

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