Everbuild Silicone Spray 400ml

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Everbuld's All Purpose Silicone Spray is a dry silicone lubricant and mould-release agent for the easing of friction between two surfaces.

Ideal for use in mould-making/release industries, to ease installation of rubber and EPDM gaskets to window and door frames and has 100’s of uses around the home, garage, workshop and industry.


  • Multitude of uses in the mould making and mould release industries
  • Making easy the installation of EPDM gaskets to window and doorframes
  • Restoring the black gloss finish to car vinyl trim without the need for polishing
  • As a general high quality spray lubricant.

  • Enables friction to be reduced between most surfaces
  • Eliminates noise and squeak
  • Leaves a bright gloss finish to vinyl
  • Non stick and colourless.

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