Sikaflex Primer 3N - 1L

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Sika Primer 3N is a one part, solvent containing primer for Sika joint sealants and elastic adhesives.

Sold in 1L Bottles. Our price includes VAT!

Uses for Sikaflex Primer 3N:

  • As a primer under Sikaflex Joint sealing products
  • Primer for Sikaflex AT Joint Sealants
  • Primer for Sikabond
  • Primer on porous substrates such as concrete

Advantages and Benefits of Sika Primer 3N:

  • Easy to apply (With paint brush)
  • Provides better and longer bonding
  • Can be used on surfaces with up to 8% moisture content
  • Can be used on porous (Concrete, Cementitious surfaces etc.) and non- porous substrates (Metal etc..)
If more technical information is needed please see the Sika Primer 3N MSDS and Technical Data Sheets.

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