Sikaforce 7800 - Red. Wind Turbine Repair Filler

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Sikaforce 7800 - Red - The Wind Turbine Blade Filler.

Specifically designed and engineered to meet the most rigerous conditions, both in application and in use. Sikaforce 7800 - Red is the "Go To" Wind Turbine Rotor Blade repair and filling product.

A two part polyurethane, Sikaforce 7800 Red is used for Profile Shaping and surface filling of damaged rotor blades.

The application temperature of Sikaforce 7800 - Red is between 15 and 30C. Should the temperature be colder please use Sikaforce 7800 - Blue.

Advantages and Benefits of Sikaforce 7800 - Red:

  • Excellent mixing, application and tooling properties
  • Very good adhesion to fiberglass surfaces
  • Non - Sag up to layer thicknesses of approx 20mm
  • Fast sanding time
  • Easy to sand. (Does not clog the sandpaper)

NB: This product is suitable for profesional, experienced useser only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure ashesion and material compatability.

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