Sikasil SG-20 Structural Silicone Adhesive

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Sikasil SG-20 Structural Silicone Adhesive and Sealant.  300ml.

As one of the most often specified Structural Glazing Silicone Adhesives, Sikasil SG-20 is a reliable and industrial sealant which is recommended for the bonding of Solar Modules and other high demanding industrial applications. Sika SG-20 has outstanding UV and weathering resistance.

Sold in boxes of 25 Tubes. Colours available: Black only.

Advantages and Benefits of Sikasil SG--20 Structural Silicone.

  • Excellent adhesion toGlass, Metals, Coated Metals, Plastics and Wood.
  • Fire rated (EN 11925-2 / DIN 4102-B1)
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent Weathering Resistance
  • Neutral Curing Structural Silicone
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Flexible
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