Soudal Expanding Foam Remover

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Cured Expanding Foam Remover from Soudal is brilliant at getting rid of cured PU Foam.

It removes all remains of cured expanding foam with little problem and can be used on PVC, Plastics and Aluminium framework without danger or a harmful effect on the surface.

Advantages & Benefits of Expanding Foam Remover:

  • Highly effective. (It works!!)
  • Easy to apply
  • Almost odour free
  • Brush & Spatula in container

Instructions for use:

Mechanically remove or carefully cut away cured foam as much as possible. Apply undiluted paste abundantly with brush. Leave to act PU Remover during at least 30 mins, max 1 hour. Remove dissolved foam with enclosed plastic spatula. Wipe off with dry clean cloth. If necessary, repeat treatment by re-applying paste. Polish up with a damp cloth.

NB: Apply all the usual health and safety measures. For more information please see the data sheets attached.


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