Soudal Silirub 1 Universal Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant

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Silirub 1 Universal Kitchen & Bathroom Silicone Sealant.  

Silirub 1 Universal, is an ideal silicone for kitchens and bathrooms.  It offers an easy application and an anti mould fungicide to prevent bacterial growth and unsightly staining.

This is an easy to apply sealant ideal for DIY.  In our opinion this silicone is the best kitchen and bathroom sealant on the market today.

Box quantity of 15

Applications for Silirub 1 Universal Kitchen Sealant:

  • Building construction joints
  • Top sealing at glazing jobs
  • Sanitary applications
  • Elastical adhesion in glazing and metal construction.

Advantages and Benefits of Silirub 1 Universal Anti Mould Silicone:

  • Very easy application
  • Low Modulus
  • Permanent Colour
  • UV Resistant
  • Stays elastic after curing
  • Very good adhesion on many materials
  • Typical acetic smell (Vinegar)

Technical Data for Silirub 1 Universal Bathroom Sealant:

  • Base: Polysiloxane
  • Consistency: Paste
  • Curing System: Moisture Cure
  • Skin Formation: (20°C/65% R.H) Ca. 7 min
  • Curing Rate: (20°C/65% R.H) 1,5 mm/24h
  • Hardness: (DIN53505) 17 +/- 3 Shore A
  • Specific Gravity: (DIN53479) 1,03 g/ml
  • Temperature Resistance: -60°C to +200°C
  • Elastic Recovery: (ISO7389) >80%
  • Maximum Allowed Distortion: 25%
  • Elongation at break: (DIN53504) 850%

Health and Safety

  • Apply the usual industrial hygiene
  • Consult the label before use

NB: Due to the acetic character, some metals (copper, lead) can be attacked by the silicone. A test is strongly reccommended in these areas prior to use.




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