Soudal SMX 506 Sealant For Self Cleaning Glass

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SMX®506 is the only sealant approved and tested by both St Gobain and Pilkington for use with their self cleaning glass systems. This Self Cleaning Glass Silicone must be used when installing a self cleaning glass system.

Soudal SMX®506 is a high quality single component glazing sealant with a high adhesive strength. It is based on SMX® technology. Chemically neutral and fully elastic and has been approved according to ISO 11600 G 20 LM.

The majority of our customers using SMX 506 in conjunction with the self cleaning glass systems are in the window and conservatory installation business, however because SMX 506 is easy to use we sell hundreds a month to the DIY market as well.  As a specialist sealant supplier, we are confident that our price and availability will be most attractive.

Tube Size: 290ml. Colours Available: Black & White

Box quantity 12 Tubes

Applications for SMX 506 Sealanf for Self Cleaning Glass:

  • Glazing sealant between glass and all the usual frame materials: Timber, aluminium, steel,PVC.
  • Specially developed for use on self cleaning glass(Bioclean® and Activ Glass®)

Advantages and Benefits of Soudal SMX 506 Silicone Sealant:

  • High bond strength on nearly all surfaces
  • Can be painted with most water based paints
  • Excellent adhesion on glass, wood, metal and PVC
  • Ecological Advantages-free from isocynates, solvents, halogens and acids
  • Flexible elastic rubber
  • Easy application even in adverse conditions
  • Colour Stable
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to tool and finish with soapy water

For more technical specifications please refer to the data sheets provided.



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