Everbuild B1 Fire Rated Expanding Foam (Hand Held)

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Everbuild B1 Fire Rated Expanding Foam 750ml is a very high quality, easy to use, gap filling Expanding Foam with the highest fire rating.

This Fire Rated Expanding Foam foam does not require an application gun.

This is the highest rated foam with a B1 rating.    Colour:  Pink

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Everbuild B1 Fire Resistant Expanding PU Foam is a modified one component polyurethane foam for the filling / sealing of joints and gaps requiring fire resistant properties. The foam expands rapidly after dispensing and quickly cures to a fine honeycomb structured foam by reacting with atmospheric moisture.

The cured product meets Class DIN4102, Part 1, Class B1 and can provide over 4 hours fire resistance in linear joints when tested to BS 476 Part 20.

It has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and forms a strong bond to most construction materials. The propellant used has no ozone depleting potential. The product is supplied in pressurised aerosol canisters.

Applications of Fire Rated Expanding Foam B1 Grade:

  • Bonding and insulation applications where a fire resistant fill is required
  • Perimeter sealing and fixing of fire resistant windows and doors
  • Sealing of mechanical and electrical service penetrations through compartment walls and floors
  • General gap filling

Advantages and Benefits of Fire Rated Expanding Foam B1 Rated:

  • Conformance: DIN4102 Part 1, Class B1 & BS476 Part 20 (Report TE201142) 
  • Insulates against noise, heat or cold
  • Seals around pipework & cable penetrations
  • Fills irregular gaps
  • Adheres firmly to most building materials
  • CFC free


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