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This product works!  It's perfect for removing silicone from windows!

Soudal's Silicone Sealant Remover is a brilliant, fast acting, dripless gel which is scented and very easy to use. Comes in a 100ml Paste. Perfect for removing old and unsightly silicones and sealants from around kitchens and especially bathrooms. Completely removes mildew effected silicone.

Applications of Silicone Remover:

  • Removal of cured silicone and MS-Polymer® sealants

Advantages and Benefits of Silicone Removal Paste:

  • Very easy to apply
  • 10 Minutes to penetrate silicones
  • Non staining or damaging to porcelain tiles
  • Removes up to 5m of silicone joints
  • Includes application brush and spatula

 Application Method:

  • The substrates and surfaces should be dry before applying the sealant remover.
  • Do NOT apply outdoors when rain is imminent.
  • Cut away as much as possible from the old sealant with a sharp knife.
  • Apply the sealant remover on the remains.
  • Leave for at least 10 Mins.
  • Remove the remains with a spatula or cloth.
  • Check whether all stains have gone.
  • If some remain repeat the process untill desired effect is reached.
  • Application Temp +5°C to +35°C
  • Clean with white spirit.

Application Advice for Silicone Remover:

Remove as much of the old joint as possible with a cutter knife or Sealant strip out tool. Shake Silicone Remover well before use. Apply a thin layer onto the silicone residue and leave to penetrate for 10-15 minutes. Remove silicone residues with the enclosed spatula. For larger residues, leave to penetrate for a longer time. Repeat treatment if necessary . Clean joint with detergent dissolved in warm water and leave to dry before applying a new silicone. Preliminary test recommended, may affect synthetic materials.


We have sold this product to people who have made mistakes in silicone sealant application, people who's silicone sealant has gone mouldy or dirty, even to a woman who managed to get silicone on her dress and carpet!!

 For more technical information please see the data sheets provided.

Customer Reviews

Julie S - Northampton: I found that that the longer you leave the sealant remover on the old silicone the better it works. I had some very mouldy silicone around my bath and the silione remover got rid of it all. V Happy!

Tony G - Twickenham: Because it comes with a brush, i found that getting small areas was really easy. A real life saver..

Iain A - Woodton: i had to use 3 applications on some really stubborn, old silicone. Got it all off, and the silicone remover worked really well.


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