Everbuild Heatmate - High Temperature Silicone

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1 Tube Black £9.03 ex. VAT (£10.84 inc. VAT)
1 Tube Red £9.03 ex. VAT (£10.84 inc. VAT)
Box 12 Black £100.92 ex. VAT (£121.10 inc. VAT) £8.41 ex. VAT per tube
Box 12 Red £100.92 ex. VAT (£121.10 inc. VAT) £8.41 ex. VAT per tube

A High Temperature Silicone capable of withstanding temperatures of 300C.

Heat Mate Silicone from Everbuild Building Products, is a High Modulus, reactive curing silicone sealant specifically designed for high temperature applications.

Available in Black or Red.

Sold by the tube or by the box (12). 

Advantages and Benefits of Heatmate Silicone 300C:

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance from -50C - +300C
  • Low dirt pick up - 1 Hour tack free time.
  • Available in Red for easy installation identification
  • Excellent adhesion to non porous surfaces
  • Creates a waterproof seal.

 Areas of use for Heat Mate High Temp Silicone:

  • Domestic Ovens
  • Heating appliances
  • As a gasket Sealant
  • Metal Chimneys
  • Multitude of Industrial uses.



For more technical information please see data sheets provided.


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