Sikaflex 11FC+ 600ml Foil Packs

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White 1 x Foil £14.98 ex. VAT (£17.97 inc. VAT)
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Concrete Grey 1 x Foil £14.98 ex. VAT (£17.97 inc. VAT)

Sikaflex 11FC Adhesive and Sealant in 600ml Foils.  The market leading construction sealant and adhesive now available in 600ml Foil packs!

White, Black and Concrete Grey all in stock.

Box Quantity: 20

Applications for Sikaflex 11FC

  • Vertical and Horizontal Joint and Crack Sealing
  • Cover Plates, Gaskets, Penetrations
  • Duct Work and Ventilation
  • Bonding Mouldings, Sills
  • Window and Door Frames, Boards
  • Bonding and Replacing Roof and Ceiling Tiles
  • Caulking Between Panels, Partitions etc...
  • Sealing of Reservoirs
  • Liquid Containers, Tanks, Silos and Aquariums

Advantages and Benefits of Sikaflex 11FC

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Fast cure rate
  • High durability
  • Great weathering and water resistance
  • Seals and Bonds in one
  • Suitable for potable water (Drinking Water)

Application of Sikaflex 11FC

  • All surfaces should be dry, clean and free from contamination
  • Cut nozzle to suit application and apply using a sealant gun
  •  For sealing: Extrude Sikaflex 11FC+ into the gap, ensuring contact with all surfaces.
  • For bonding: Bead as required and press contact surfaces together.
  • 1 310ml tube yields: 4m of a 12 x 12.5mm joint or 15m of a 5mm bead.

For more technical information about Sikaflex 11FC please see technical downloads.

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